Visual Novels

What is a Visual Novel?

What is a visual novel you ask? Well its something like a hybrid of a novel and manga where there are descriptions and dialogue but at the same time you are aided visually with images of the setting and characters. What makes it different to your average storybook is that most of the time you can determine what ending (if there is more than one) your protagonist achieves at the end of his journey.

Many visual novels do include sound, some specific emphasize the use of sound as it can play a key role in the story, an example would be from the series Higurashi no Naku Koro ni where sound plays an important role as it gives clues to who some of the mysterious people are. Some visual novels have voice actors for the characters in the story but most of the time they are left unvoiced.

A screenshot from the popular Clannad visual novel

How can you say no to that adorable face?

Sometimes mini games such as simple fighting game, sports and RPG’s can be included but may not be compulsory to play in order to progress which the main storyline but are added to create interactivity rather than reading the whole time. Personally a little interactivity is nice as it helps with staying awake during those regular everyday moments which can get a bit boring.

Ending the day without baseball practise is unacceptable

Even if the interactivity include is just a single push of a button, thats more than enough to keep me a awake for a few more minutes.It’s good they are finding new ways to get the reader involved rather than just excessive reading.

Mission Start! Infiltration Little Busters Style!

As the weapon choice roulette spins, a press of a button decides what amusing weapons they are given to face off against opponents, amusing stuff.

Random weapons are random

Common misunderstandings of visual novels are that all visual novels are perverted and that they are all dating simulators which visual novels can include but not all do contain it them. In fact many visual novels have the rating of all-ages, but often companies do create a spin-off with mature content aimed at the older audience.

For those that still don’t know what a visual novel is, Wikipedia can explain it to you here.

Most visual novels have to purchased but there are a very select few that are available for free such as Narcissu which can be found here. It may not be the best but it is certainly touching and very emotional as it is certainly one of my favourites.

My Visual Novel List

In Progress:

Little Busters

Plan to Play:

Ever 17
Saya no Uta
Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
Fate/Hollow Ataraxia
Tomoyo After
School Days
To Heart 2


Da Capo
Fate/Stay Night
Wanko to Kurasou

Visual Novel Reviews

Coming Soon! When more English translations come out for various visual novels. When I find a suitable rating system ALSO when I find the time to reread a visual novel. Which can take days for me…


2 Responses to Visual Novels

  1. bprrie says:

    Hi! You and me seem to have a quite similar taste in visual novels. How is Little Busters so far? I’m really excited to play it, I’m just waiting for the translation to progress to a farther level. I loved Fate/Stay Night and Clannad, they’re actually my two favorite visual novels. Narcissu was good too, it was quite touching. By the way, you might want to try True Remembrance if you liked Narcissu, it starts out a bit slow, but it’s very interesting: How did you like Da Capo and Wanko to Kurasou by the way? I haven’t got around to playing Da Capo yet, and I’m not sure if I want to play Wanko to Kurasou. Is the story any good, or is it just a sex romp?

    • Shazzsteel says:

      Little Busters is by far the best, its just so fun, whether it be the random missions they receive which end up humorous one way another or the random battles with ridiculous weapons they have to use to fight one another or even just the simple yet entertaining interactivity of baseball practice (I love hitting cats cause Rin gets ticked off) or just the similar warm and fuzzy feeling you get from watching Clannad or maybe its just the cutesy faces and random words that spout from Kud’s mouth. . Basically its fantastic and I can see why there is a huge fan base and demand for the anime series to be created and released. The funny thing is, I haven’t even completed the first arc or route yet. Since only the first arc/route has be translated I want to take my time and indulge myself in it so I don’t miss anything as well as fully attach myself to each of the characters.

      Character wise you have your stereotypes, the no-brainer jock, the cool loner, the tomboyish tsundere, air heads, isolated genius, rival group of girls and many others. Even though I expected them to come into play, I can’t help feel they are perfectly grouped accordingly to maximize comedic moments. Blah I’m making no sense after reading this aloud to myself, anyway you get what I mean. Over time if you don’t rush the game play or scenes you grow very much attached to them alike the Clannad series. I already know a few spoilers but have yet to reach them so I won’t mention them but I can foresee a similar theme of magic or some unknown world similar to that of Clannad. I won’t go on anymore, you’ll have to experience it for yourself. Finding and acquiring the gmae is fairly hard as seeders are scarce so best of luck with that. I can assist if you wish when my hard drive data is restored (long story short my hard drive died). So to sum up, its a must play/read for me, as you mentioned earlier your tastes are very similar to mine so if your on the same wavelength as me I feel you’ll love Little Busters too as much as I do.

      I share your love for Clannad and Fate/Stay Night, they top anime series as well as my most favourite characters happen to be in the same series. Regarding True Remembrance, I have it on my list, just haven’t had the time, I’m struggling with time management with plenty of things I want to do, plus I do have to move overseas fairly soon and completely rearrange my life once again. It’s definitely on my list and won;t be forgotten, Narcissu left a big impact on me as I once went through the same process of being in a hospital for a long term duration (not just for a broken bone or anything, it gets fairly personal) once upon a time, so I could relate to both the characters and how they felt. It was very emotional touching and for those people who just see Visuals Novels as a ‘sex romp’ like you said, this would surely change their minds. It’s a fairly short read compared to other series though.

      I managed to get my hands on the English Da Capo version. It was aright, I’d rather watch the anime but I can honestly say I just rushed through it, I didn’t find it too special nor interesting, maybe I just didn’t get attached to the characters since I did rush through. I’ll give the anime a look-see though since I’ve heard its pretty good.

      Wanko to Kurasou, well it is a ‘sex romp’ but the story is pretty touching, not on the same levels as Narcissu but somewhere around there. Its nonetheless touching (regardless if you like furries or not, and just so you know I’m not a furry person) but it gets fairly tragic and even disturbing. It’s been a while since I played it but it had a fair amount of laughs in the entire series, keep in mind I only played the main route (which was that girl around the same age as you) so I wasn’t awesome bt it was still good. It’s hard to say whether you’ll like it, its pretty unique in a sense.

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