Personal Collection

Those who see what my personal collection of figures are, you can a well organized list here at My Figure Collection. I go under the name of Shazzsteel or if you too lazy to find the profile here is the link.

Those who use My Anime List will find the system to organize their figures really easy as the organizing system is setup in a similar manner. Those new to it should find it fairly to setup and use. All you have to do is create an account and just add the corresponding figures to your lists. The three lists consist of Owned, Ordered and Wished where you can assign different figurines.

Owned – being the figures you current own.
Ordered – the figures ordered or preordered from your local/online store, or in the process of delivery.
Wished – being the figures you wish to obtain in the future.

Saber demands you get more figurines!

Figure Previews

Tomoyo Sakagami by Wave

Saber – Triumphant Excalibur by Good Smile Company

Saber Lily – Golden Caliburn by Good Smile Company

Figure Reviews

Coming Soon! When I find the time and when I come up with a suitable rating system.


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