Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha – Battle of the Aces

After a tiring day from the Start of Year 2010 at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, I was surprised to find the Nanoha – Battle of the Aces Limited Edition to be waiting for me at home.

I was pretty exhausted from the event, however I managed to summon some reserve energy to open up the box set and check out the goodies that felt like an eternity to arrive.

With the accounting for items, I did notice an extra item that came along. It wasn’t in the box however it was in the plastic wrapping that wrapped the box. From what it looks like, it seems that it is a code for some downloadable content (assuming its Nanoha related) for perhaps the Battle of the Aces game or another game. Anyone have an idea of what it may be?

I really needed a new PSP case or cover as I am pretty rough and brutal with mine. It just happens they included a cover case for mine, and the most awesome thing is that if you don’t like the design on one side or just feel like a change you can turn it inside-out. This is the design that was on the ‘inside’.

I prefer this design than the default one as it is much more cute plus they did get Fate’s surname wrong.

Next we have the PSP Game itself, inside the standard items are there which are the UMD and the instructions guide book. It’s good to see that they got creative with the guide book rather than a plain and normal looking one. Instead they had a Book of Darkness thing going which looked pretty awesome.

I’d run the game from the UMD but the hacked¬† firmware (Version 6.10) required to play isn’t out yet.

Those who are interested in the game play you can check out the videos below:

Oh yeah my skills are appalling so I’d rather not display my crappy skills, plus I don’t have the proper cables.

Hayate vs Vita

Chrono vs Signum

Fate vs Reinforce

Courtesy to Filanimetor for the videos.

After accounting for the all items, I was able to have a little photo session with Nanoha.

The artbook that came with it was actually pretty good. I’m sure I would have found it more interesting IF I COULD READ JAPANESE, although the pretty pictures were just as satisfying.



I know I missed out on showing a few items (like the posters, towel, stickers and handkerchief), however they are the items I wish to keep away safety and in good condition till I reach back in Australia so I can get a display setup going in my larger room.

Overall I am very pleased with this purchase and delivery (as this would be my first order from Ami Ami (the Figma Saber Casual ver I won from Danny Choo didn’t really count) as it contained many fantastic goodies and arrived on time and undamaged. I look forward to ordering more from them as their prices are the lowest I’ve seen compared to the rest. With the release date of Fate/Extra delayed but still drawing closer each day, I can expect the goodies to be just as awesome. I can’t wait to get my hands on Fate/Extra!


2 Responses to Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha – Battle of the Aces

  1. Reltair says:

    Grats, that looks like a really nice figma. ^^

  2. Thanks for this! Iíve been looking all over the internet for this.

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