Alter Reinforce Zwei

First of all I’d like to thank Andy for selling and shipping me this figure. With one more of the series in my possession, I can work on finding and acquiring the rest. With Alter’s Nanoha Exceed Mode on the way, it will go nicly with Subaru, Fate, and Reinforce Zwei.

For those who don’t watch the series, she is a commander and a popular examiner in the StrikerS series. She is know for a squeaky voice and being able to combine with other members of Hayate’s task force enhancing their powers through her Unison Mode.

Yay! Examinations are over, now I can relax :3

Despite her looks and voice, she is an ancient therefore making her one of the oldest characters in the series.Β  She is indeed a memorable character as she has her fair share of comedic and action scenes in the entire series. Honestly, who can resist such a cute sounding voice?

I command you to report to Hayate right now, and carry me with you while your at it!

My next target to acquire would be Hayate, hopefully she won’t be too hard to find at a reasonable price. Wish me luck! ^.^


10 Responses to Alter Reinforce Zwei

  1. Ex14 says:

    You geting teena’s Acsta? that looks reasonably good ^_^

    • Shazzsteel says:

      Yeah, I already have Actsa Subaru, means I’ll have to get her partner in crime. The fact that she has a ‘hair down’ feature is more than enough reason for me to get. She resembles Nanoha a lot which I like.

  2. Andy says:

    Nice, glad she got there safely πŸ˜€

  3. Leonia says:

    Reinforce is an adorable character. I like her.This figure is really good, Alter job ^^’. Nice choice, I hope that you can find Hayate

  4. Reltair says:

    Grats! I tempted to get the entire set as well, but it’s mostly a space issue that’s holding me back. =/

  5. zh3us says:

    Actually Zwei was born out as a Unison Device and was something like a Clone of Reinforce Ein -> shes actually pretty young.

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