Fate/Stay Night – Reproduction

As many of you may have seen that Fate/Stay Night Reproduction OVA’s were apart of the Winter Anime season preview. Recently, several updates about what this OVA consists of were revealed.

The details are that it will be a two part series each around 60 minutes which will sum up the whole anime series (of 24 episodes). The original OP and it’s song, disillusion, will be reworked this time with “new vocals and arrangements”. With a new OP being added it’s not surprising to see a new ED being made for the OVA. Those who remember the first half of the series’ ED was Jyukai. It will be back however it will most likely be reworked as well. Part II of the OVA’s ED will be from Tainaka Sachi’s latest song.

The OVA is due to be released in blue-ray and DVD the 22nd of January.

As for me, I don’t really expect much expect for a few new scenes every now and then from the OVA. They’ll probably cut out most of the comic relief moments most of them are irrelevant to the main storyline, so I’m expecting pretty much action for the whole 2 hours reproduction.

It’s nice and all that they are re-working an old series for the release of the new movie, but I felt it though have been better if they did something new in the 2 hours rather than just replay the whole summed up 24 episode series again. It would have been nice to see an OVA about Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, maybe even a Saber Lion parody or even a summed up version of the Heaven’s Feel route from the game. It doesn’t mean I won’t watch the reproduction OVA, no way in hell I’d miss it even if I already know the story. Still nonetheless I’m curious about how they go about this ‘sardine canning’ of the series so I’ll juts have to wait. If it is exceptionally good I may purchase the DVD version but I feel that chances are fairly low in me doing so.


Source: Moetron


4 Responses to Fate/Stay Night – Reproduction

  1. Reltair says:

    Memory refresher I guess. Action is what I like!

  2. bprrie says:

    I completely agree with you. While I would love some sort of adaptation of Heaven’s Feel, I don’t know if it would work so well in two hours, because of its significant differences with Fate and UBW. Since I have not personally played Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, I would love to see some sort of anime adaptation for it.

  3. tareq810601 says:

    OVA for FSN.. didnt know that.. shud be interesting to see.. wonder hows the UBW movie turn-out to be.. Never did play the games (got no PS) but most reviews agreed the Heavens Feel route is the best.. gotta wait n see huh..

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