Glowing Eyes Drossel – Portable Edition [Mark I]

Drawing inspiration from Kodomut’s version of How to Light Drossel Up I decided to attempt to make my own with a slight difference.

After briefly searching the internet, I found no guides of a portable version of this. With the knowledge of basic circuits from high school science (I’m pretty surprised that I’m using stuff I learned from that class), and Kodomut’s guide I attempted to create a portable glowing eyes Drossel.

Being doubtful in my circuitry skills, I decided that putting too much effort into the early stages of the mod might be a waste as it might not even work at all. If it did I could definitely work on improving many aspects since it has a lot of disadvantages.

After a lot of cutting, stripping of wires, several zaps, jolts and burns from the experimentation, hope was finally grasped when a flicker of life in Drossel’s eyes caught my attention.

Ojou-sama has awakened from her eternal slumber! I found her yellow eyes fairly suitable for her normal look. Now time to get different colours. Red would be a nice berserk mode, however I’m hoping to try dark blue, green and white eventually.

After playing around with her I noticed several disadvantages with the use of a larger battery size which also requires a large ‘backpack’ for Ojou-sama.

She actually has a fair amount disadvantages such as:

– Having much trouble in terms of balance, she has to lean slightly forward if not she tips over (seen in the picture below).
– Her head movement is restricted due to the ‘backpack’ and her twin tails being in the way
– The ‘backpack’ isn’t very secure on Ojou-sama’s back as it is being held by blu-tack, I’ll have to come up with something to make sure it’s completely secure on her without sacrificing her flexibility and further
– The wiring system seems stable for now but I feel its is really crude as the light in her eyes could go out at any second due to the crappy wiring job I gave it.
– Making sure the backpack doesn’t overheat as I have melted part of the ‘backpack’ without even noticing, once again due to a crappy wiring job.
– Obviously the backpack and battery size is grossly over sized, I’ll have to find a smaller battery case and battery size without compromising the duration of the light to greatly.
– Similar to C3-PO in Episode I, her wiring is exposed and needs to be concealed better where it is safe but doesn’t restrict her head movement too much.

Enough of the disadvantages, here are some advantages:

– She looks cool
– Her eyes glow
– She can have more of a personality now as the colours of her eyes can determine her mood or feelings.
– She can role play as Jango/Boba Fett with having a ‘backpack’ and all, she needs dual pistols though.
– She can role play as Ironman and re-enact the scene where he can’t stray too far from the car battery or he dies. Well you get what I mean…
– Did I mention she looks cool?

Being happy with the completed Mark I, its now time to redesign and create a Mark II where hopefully I can improve on the downsides of this particular design.


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