Actsa Subaru Nakajima Photoshoot

I didn’t really get much time to take a few photos of her when I opened her but since I had the camera all charged and ready might as well play with her now.

I love her extended stand since it allows you to pose her in mid-air with some extra height above the ground which is more than your regular figma.

Her articulation is much improved compared to Figmas. You can pretty much pose her doing anything you want.

The finer details are covered extensively such as the wheels on her roller-blades can move, a sort of belt or strap being loosely fitted on her waist, her wings on her roller-blades, and her flowing ribbon strips.

They even managed to redesign the base of the stand rather than sticking with your usual figma stand which I was pretty happy with as it adds to the uniqueness of the Actsa series.

Subaru is ready for battle and ready to strike!

The only thing I was unhappy about was the fact they didn’t include an ‘awakened cyborg’ face for Subaru as it was a fairly significant moment in the series, however they did include it in the Subaru Figma version which was announced about a month later. I had plans for that face part.

Still, it was an awesome pick up and I’m glad I did, I can’t wait for the release of the Actsa version of Subaru’s partner, Teana Lanster.


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