Nendoroid Petit Fate/stay night

Pre-orders have opened for the Fate/Stay Night series figurines. With all the previous releases being scaled figures its good to see a change (as well as a price drop) in the series’ next set of figures.

I’ve never ordered any of the Petit Nendoroid series before until now, I guess its a good time to start. With miniature sized figures like these, I can easily carry them to photo shoots without worrying to much about packing them. I guess you could even say their are pocket-sized.

What appealed to me most was Saber in pajamas and Ilya, they look so kawaii. To be honest the rest seem pretty mediocre compared to those two. I wonder what the bonus/secret figures are, anyone know?

As for disappointments, I would say there is a lack of Shiro, Archer (both being the main characters, why the hell aren’t they there?), Berserker (you have Ilya but not Berserker?! What is this!?), Lancer and Gilgamesh figures but I guess they could always come at a later date.

I feel that when the times comes for me to open them, I’ll get all excited as I won’t know what characters I will get inside which should be the fun part. They should go nicely with the Nendoroids I already have such as Saber Lily and Rin.

As for now I’ll spend the rest of the night trying to pre-order them on AmiAmi’s poorly designed website.


7 Responses to Nendoroid Petit Fate/stay night

  1. Ex14 says:

    i’m hpiing for the secret to be saber lion =DD gonna be preordering it….i think…lol

    • Shazzsteel says:

      Oh I didn’t think of that, I had assumed it might have been Saber Lily or Magical Girl version of Rin maybe, I honestly don’t know what to expect.

      • Ex14 says:

        lol neither did i….until my friend poped out with that suggestion ._. and seeing as to how i missed out on her nendo, i wouldn’t mind her nendo puchi =DD

  2. rockleelotus says:

    sleepy time Saber is just too adorable XD maybe the secret figure is Caster.. but that would be weird lol

    i think they are keeping strictly females, or they will make a male ver petit set later on? ^^;

  3. xs27 says:



  4. Reltair says:

    Haha, Pajamas Saber ftw!

  5. bprrie says:

    Nendoroid Ilya is absolutely adorable, although everytime I see her, I still rage at the lack of an Ilya route. I hope they come out with male Fate/Stay Night figures, I want my Gilgamesh!

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