Saber – Triumphant Excalibur & Saber Lily – Golden Caliburn

Good Smile Company recently announced the release of 2 new Saber scaled figures within days of each other, however Saber Lily will only be exclusive to Japan unless you use a postal proxy service.

I found it nice that they have finally released a scaled Invisible Air version of her sword (unless there is one I haven’t see yet) as the wind effect would seem cool as has been depicted by Good Smile pretty much how I imagined it. It’s a ‘must-get’ for me so I expected it to be nearly as popular as Saber Lily if not even more popular. I have mine pre-ordered so my mind is at ease now. You can find pictures of her below.

Next up on the list is the more exclusive variant of the popular Saber Lily which was released not that long ago. Good Smile really knows how to empty their customers wallets when it comes to Saber or even Fate/Stay Night in general. The difference which this Saber Lily and the previous one released would be her attire has been slightly modified. Rather than armour it seems she is wearing clothes for the night out on the town (most likely with Shiro :P) and high heels. Good luck fighting in them. Rather than her usual Excalibur her sword of choice is Caliburn which I find is a much more beautiful sword as it has a more colourful and complex design, especially on the scabbard. There are some slight colour changes on the base and rather than her catching or throwing her scabbard in mid-air its being held firmly in her hands this time.

Saber fans might find this a challenge to add to their collection, however for myself I haven’t completely decided whether I actually want to get her yet. As for now, I’m still deciding.

For more pictures of Saber and Saber Lily you can find them at the Good Smile Company official website.


10 Responses to Saber – Triumphant Excalibur & Saber Lily – Golden Caliburn

  1. Yoruno says:

    I’ve got one question: Why doesn’t she fall?

  2. Ex14 says:

    I would choose Saber over saber lily. infact, i’m already camping for her Preorder >.<;;;

    • Shazzsteel says:

      I can’t decide between the 2. I already went with AmiAmi, going give them a try. I still haven’t figured out how I’m going to go about getting Saber Lily though. Never used a postal proxy before, nor do I have any idea bout using one.

      • Ex14 says:

        I have to be honest, as much as i like saber and saber lily, i dun find the latest Saber lily to be that nice. if i were u, get excalibur, and save the money for Fate/Extra SP, which comes with a red saber figma =DD

      • Shazzsteel says:

        I already have that ordered through AmiAmi 😛

  3. Leonia says:

    This is a beautiful figure, as Saber Lily version. The set (Excalibur et Lily) will be amazing ^^ I don’t think that I will pre-order this version, because I am not a Fate addict (I want a Rider !), but it’s true that is a impressive figure ^^ GSC is devil xD

  4. Reltair says:

    Have to get them all!

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