We Love Nendoroids & Figmas / Akibanana Maid Cafe Gathering

Rather than my typical Saturday of catching up on anime at home, I was happily and thankfully invited by Zh3us to join him and his gang of ‘We Love Nendoroids & Figmas’ outing.

First stop as at Daiso where Figma sized furniture catch my eye. My first thought that came to mind is that it nicely suit Saber with her chopsticks and bowl.  Picked both up at a cheap price for $2 each.

Figma Sized Furniture!

It seems Saber is enjoy her new table, she can rest her bowl on it now

Managed to also pick up a nice Figma and Nendoroid carry case which should come in handy in the future.

Next spot was at Spotlight where I took note of all the handy household and crafting equipment they had for sale. Lots of goodies there which would do nicely for props and equipment for upcoming Figma shoots. Many ideas are popping into my head as my range of ideas have expanded greatly. I’ll have to pay another visit there sometime.

Next stop was to Funan Centre in City Hall where we paid a visit to the popular Gundam store Rapid Culture. The prices Gunpla model kits they had seemed fairly cheap, however everything else such as the assorted Nendoroids they had were at jaw-dropping prices. I saw Nendoroid Mio at around $120. Scary stuff.

While others shopped inside, we setup base camp in front of the store for a quick photo shoot and assembly of some of their newest acquired Gundams.

Battle stance...

A new challenger has appeared!

Tsukasa getting violated...GIGADRILLED!

Drill to the heavens! What's Viral doing here >.>

Mechanized Tsukasa...no one is safe now!

Your face is in my face...which face, wait you mean my chest right?

It seems like Dcal got some nice epic loot from her recent trip to Japan as well as for the most recent Comiket.

Black Rock Shooter Doujin O.O

Very menacing eeek

You need to cool your head off...WITH A STARLIGHT BREAKER TO YOUR FACE!

So jealous, nonetheless, grats on the loot Dcal! I’m sure it would be a fine addition to your collection.

It didn’t long for the security guards of the mall to take notice of our presence. Sadly we had to pack up and search for new base camp where we were more welcomed.

With everyone finally here, we headed off to the Akibanana Maid Cafe (A87) in Tanjong Pagar. With a little wandering we finally arrived however reluctant to enter for some reason.

Even the menu looks yummy 😛

Before...when the table was clean

After...messy table is messy >.<

They had a pretty nice setup of the place. A side from the absurd amounts of pink, everything else was really nice and had a homey and welcoming feel to it. They even had an old Sega Megadrive!

Photography of the maids cost $3 per photo so everyone was careful about the direction their cameras was facing.

With everyone settled and our drinks ordered (a round milkshakes!) we pulled out or assorted figures for some picture-taking.

Seems Tako Luka wants a sip of the milkshake too...

Seems like someone else wants a sip too

Dcal's Azone Doll is enjoying her milkshake

My Saber Lily is wanting a sip too, going to extreme levels...

Like I said, EXTREME levels

Meanwhile many ongoing duels and challenges took place while we were enjoying our milkshakes.

Battle starto!

An unusual alliance being formed?

Zh3us' Mecha Kagamiku

Master Sergeant Mecha Kagamiku reporting for duty!

Poor Mecha Tsukasa, seems like Tako Luko's have developed a liking for her

What is this abomination!? *runs*

Mecha Tsukasa READY TO FIRE!

Drossel: Judgement no desuno *points*

Another epic battle...but what's this going on in the background!?

Look like we have some robo-baby making action going on here...

As for the maids, they were very welcoming and polite. They seemed very shy but weren’t afraid to engage us in conversation about the unusual amounts of Figmas, Nendoroids and Dolls suddenly appearing one by one on the table. They seemed to enjoy asking questions about which figures are from which series and so on, it was nice to see them engage customers due to their own curiosity.

Midway, we were handed the cafe’s guest book to sign which everyone signed. Apparently they opened around December and we were around the 140th customers since then. Seems their business isn’t too bad.

From time to time there would be curious onlookers from the street having a peek at what was going on inside. I’m sure they haven’t seen a shop similar to this anywhere in Singapore.

At the end of the day, we were given a little basket with fortune written inside. Mine said…

Saber Lily: Here is your fortune master...

Perhaps I was surrounded by moe figurines and dolls already, so my fortune already had come true. Lucky me.

To end the day off, the group decided to head to Clarke Quay for some Japanese Ramen at the Ichibantei Japanese Restaurant. Everyone having a round of ramen (some having shabu shabu) we filled our hungry stomachs. Being me who likes trying out new things, ordered a small bottle of Asahi Sake. Although I’m not a heavy drinker I couldn’t as it isn’t everyday I do get to try Sake.  After downing the bottle, I cans ee why the Japanese enjoy drinking it on a cold winter day as it leaves a very warm sensation in your throat and stomach.  Delightful and enjoyable to the last sip, however its an expensive luxury I won’t get to try very often.

With the time having gone by very quickly and midnight drawing to a near. We said our farewells and went our separate directions.

I’d like to thank everyone for tolerating and carrying along a fifth wheel (being me) and showing me the sites and scenes of the bustling city of Singapore which I do no see very often. I’d like to especially thank the few of you who gave me tips on general photography, camera choice since I’ve yet to buy my own DSLR. I’d also like to thank Zh3us for inviting me, it’s not everyday I get be introduced to a group of wonderful and cheerful bunch of Otaku’s. Finally thanks to Kodomut for giving me a first hand look at how he comes up with the shots he gets and the inner thoughts of his mind.

The full gallery of the photos I took plus a few more can be found in the gallery.

More coverage and photos found at Kodomut, Scorch & Roses, Zh3us Blog’s and The Banzai Effect!


11 Responses to We Love Nendoroids & Figmas / Akibanana Maid Cafe Gathering

  1. […] Also, you can check out pictures from the other bloggers who went with us. – kodomut – Scorch & Roses – Shazzsteel […]

  2. zh3us says:

    No problem! We’ll always welcome you!!

    Reminds me, i gotta process my pictures too =( Looks like post won’t be up until Tuesday when i have time to hit LightRoom 2 >_<!

    It was a fabulous experience meeting and Criss Crossing with you!

    Definitely enjoyed the experience!

  3. nutcase23 says:

    Nah, we are all one big family (with Dcal as the mother hen XD) so there’s no such thing as a 5th wheel :3

    Just join us whenever you can, we welcome anyone interested after all XD

    • Shazzsteel says:

      Thats kind of you to say, I really appreciate that. You were right Dcal was giving off that intense mother hen aura the whole time, I felt like a little baby chick being guided by the mother hen. I look forward to seeing more of you guys in the coming months 😀

  4. Densha Otoko says:

    Looks like you have a Jolly Good time .

    Wow , photos of the Famed Akibanana Cafe , Looks really what I imagined it to be in a Maid Cafe . I think 3$ is worth it to take pics of Cute Maids ^_^ .

    Loving that Moe Girl Table . It seems Guards don’t like Old Men playing with there toys in the mall ^^:; .

  5. Reltair says:

    Looks like fun. $2 is a pretty good price for that figma furniture.

    Nice photo with Saber Lily hanging off that straw. =O

  6. Kodomut says:

    Don’t think just shoot!

  7. […] More Delicious Stuffings and figus on: Kodomut’s The Banzai Effect! ShazzSteel […]

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