Yet More Loot [World of Warcraft Figures]

January is going to be a very expensive month. On the way back from class I went in search for a Nendoroid Yui but sadly she was out of stock in all the stores I went to in Plaza Singapura. Instead I managed to pick up the new series of World of Warcraft figurines. Not too shabby.

Now I just need the Orc Shaman which I can never find and Demon Form Illidan. The designs and races/classes chosen is a nice choice since there is a lesser amount of Alliance characters compared to the Horde. I just really hope they don’t screw up the stands like in several figures made, they can’t even stand properly without some form of adjustment or assistance.

From left to right we have the Night Elf Huntress, Undead Ghoul and finally the Human Alliance Hero

Regardless I’m still fairly happy with the newest loot acquired. Oh my wallets in for a hurtin’ this month.


2 Responses to Yet More Loot [World of Warcraft Figures]

  1. Reltair says:

    All that Alliance. =O

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