Unexpected Christmas Day Arrivals

It’s Christmas morning, the last thing you’d expect is loot arriving on that day since it’s a public holiday and most businesses are closed for the day.


I was surprised to find how big the actual package was. It’s probably the largest and most expensive box I’ll ever receive (for now). Especially since I had ordered not one but TWO Fate T Harlowns Shin Sonic Versions. One for me and one for my mate. This made my Christmas Day much more special and pretty much made my day.


Anyway to sum up, huge box is huge…and expensive.

Here are some close up shots for the box. For now she will stay boxed until further notice or until at least I find a suitable place to place her which I will doubt I will find anytime soon.


Hope everyone had a good Christmas Day, did anyone else receive any loot today?


8 Responses to Unexpected Christmas Day Arrivals

  1. Gordanham says:

    I always liked the StrikerS character designs, but I just finished the first tv series. I’ll have nightmares for weeks……

  2. zenical says:

    delivery by EMS or? Post Office works on PH too.. it just depends whether you parcel is in the “line” to get delivered. lol.

    no loot for me, as my loot was delivered to me on Wednesday. haha.

    • Shazzsteel says:

      SAL I dunno, I forgot to change it to EMS so as my default preferred method was SAL, I figured it changes to EMS after a certain price has been hit but I guess not.

  3. Reltair says:

    Nice loot, I want that figure but don’t have the funds or space at the moment. Guess I just like the character designs since I haven’t even seen the series yet.

    Didn’t receive any anime-related loot today.

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