Comic Fiesta 2009 Videos

For those who missed the Comic Fiesta 2009 on the 19th and 20th December, you can view some of the highlights in the videos below. The speakers were really loud and my camera speaker’s isn’t top notch so I apologies for the appalling sound quality.

Congratulations to Kirin for winning the Single Cosplay Competition.

Comic Fiesta 2009 – Single Cosplay Performance Finalists

Final Fantasy

Props: Socks
Action: The Waltz (Dance)

Monster Hunter

Props: Bells
Action: Desk Banging [Thanks Pr1ckster]


Props: An autograph
Action: Swimming

Trinity Blood

Props: Comic Fiesta 2009 Flyer
Action: [Forgot -.-“] Someone remind me please!

Unknown (Not sure what series, anyone know?)

Props: Umbrella? Or some Music CD, I can’t remember…
Action: Farting


Props: Wig
Action: Hopping

Ouran High School Host Club

Props: 10RM Note
Action: Stalking

Unknown (Not sure what series, anyone know?)

Props: Anime Poster with a character name’s starting with the letter ‘K’
Action: Duck-walking

Dancing Performances

Might I add the dancing was awesome. I was there for both days and didn’t see a single Clannad cosplayer until the stage performance. Kudos to you, you have my thumbs up for the cosplay and epic dance moves.

Gee by Girls’ Generation

Gee by Girls’ Generation Encore & Abracadabra by Brown Eyed Girls


Imaginary Dance Dance Revolution Contest

Singing Performances

I’m fairly confident that everyone (including myself) was absolutely blown away by her fantastic singing. Since all songs were created and written by her which is unbelievable. Nice Code Geass cosplay as it is also one of my favourite series.

Kataritsugu Koto (Blood+, originally sung by Chitose Hajime)
Singer: Shiomaru

Name’s Come To Me – A Tribute to Kuroshitsuji
Singer: Shiomaru

Shiki no Uta (Samurai Champloo)
Singers: Shiomaru & Bin Yun Duet

More videos will come soon as the data is with another comrade at this point of time. I’ll post them soon enough when they are up on youtube. Keep an eye out for my report on the event and enjoy the rest of the videos.


2 Responses to Comic Fiesta 2009 Videos

  1. Aina says:

    Hello there! Guess what? I think you might know me. Thank you a ton for noticing I cosplayed from Clannad, I was quite sad that i didn’t meet many Clannad fans TT-TT but it made my to see you notice. Thank youu again! 🙂 And yeah, epic dance moves ftw xDD

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