Winter Anime Preview 09/10 – Version 2

It’s been a while since my last post. Some of you might be aware that the season preview for the  upcoming months has been changed quite drastically as a few shows have been removed and some inserted. My thoughts and feelings on the anime that still remain in the new preview have not changed though. I assume those removed will most likely be delayed for this and will arrive in spring or the following seasons.

We have new shows sprouting such as the well known Halo Legends where majority of us have seen the short trailer and preview of one of the episodes.

Something unforeseen for me was the announcement of the Fate/Stay Night TV Reproduction as this is probably a tease for the Unlimited Blade Works movie which is due to show in cinemas early next year. What changes they have installed for us I wonder. My guesses would be that they make stray from the original storyline from the anime and head towards the Unlimited Blade Works route in preparation for the movie perhaps. The movie might even be the so-called final episode. Who knows really, still, I’m looking forward to it. Studio Deen must have their hands full with Fate/Stay Night, Unlimited Blade Works Movie, Umineko and Seitokai no Ichizon currently on their hands.

Hellsing Ultimate seems to be on the move with a continuation of the series, I’ve still haven’t found the time to start the first season so I’ll probably try and make room for that some time in December.

With the increasing name of the Weib Schwarz trading card game series, the anime series Weib Survive should prove to be fun as I am still wanting to purchase a starting deck. The show itself should allow me to kill two birds with one stone since I’ll be learning the basics of the game as well as enjoying the given fan service.

Halo Legends – Trailer

Halo Legends – Sneak Preview

Thoughts/Observations: I’m personally a huge Halo fan so I’ll definitely be watching this one. As each episode will be done by different studios it will be interesting to see what each studio comes up with in terms of art, storyline, character development and action sequence. My views on the Halo Legends series will most likely be extremely biased as I am a fan since it will be expanding on the Halo universe as you already know it. Rating it as an anime…well, it still receives a pass from me but the action sequence is a bit cheesy with all the jumping as those who have read the Halo novels know that they don’t really jump around that much when they fight, but the jumping and fancy acrobatics does give it an anime ‘feel’ as its a common feat we normally see in various anime in the action genre.  The voicing acting is mediocre, but atleast it’s better than hearing a Japanese Spartan which would be completely awkward for me, unless we see a permutation of a Hayabusa/Katana scheme going which would be fine by me. The dialogue script was pretty corny though, hopefully they do improve on that, although I don’t really expect much in that department.

Spartan Pictures courtesy of Halopedia.


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  1. gameshark03 says:

    Where is all the good shows?!

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