Recreated Scenes [Fate/Stay Night]

Well with the recent arrival of Figma Shiro, it made it possible to recreate a few specific scenes from the popular Fate/Stay Night visual novel. I had much enjoyed tinkering around with the collection of scenes from the game and decided to pick a few do-able scenes in an attempt to recreate them. The scene choices were very limited for Shiro as he only came with 2 faces. The results are as follows. Sorry for the blurry backgrounds as utilizing my monitor seemed to be the best (if not only) way to get a background image up, plus it did not help that I happen to possess a crappy digital camera as well as photography skills.


Well I tried, that's all that matters

I have to admit, that pose is nearly possible without putting an arm or a leg to stress. I think I almost broke something eek. That was my best attempt,  although I admit I probably could have done better.

His face needs more lighting…
That’s better 🙂
Look how calm and peaceful she looks…
Experimenting with different shots
Looks like Shiro needs a hug ❤
Saber gazing into the distance

I wanted to do a recreation of Shiro’s Unlimited Blade Works scene but it seemed plain plus I lack the swords/weapons to stick into the ground. I saw a good example somewhere on but I can’t remember the post name. Majority of my swords are Caliburn and Excalibur which I have a ton of. I need various other swords, until I do get a hold of them, I’ll shall save this scene for another time.


5 Responses to Recreated Scenes [Fate/Stay Night]

  1. chubbybots says:

    I loved the sixth pic ^^ Awesome recreation dude!
    Trying to recreate unlimited blade works is tough…maybe photoshop other swords in haha 😀

  2. Ningyo says:

    Awesome, especially the first. Them figmas really aren’t as flexible as they’re advertised to be >.>

    UBW won’t be plain! You can have an entire diorama with like, sand and stuff. have gears hanging down from strings… Or even build a clockwork automaton that spins them, that would be epic! Or if it’s just Shiro’s UBW, then have a light source as the sun. That, and have a smoke machine :D!

    Personally, I can’t wait for an archer figma. I mean, it’s only natural for it to be next in line, right? right?

    • Shazzsteel says:

      Yeah the Shirou Figma is a bit stiff and rigid which sucks cause it limits my poses to a very selective few. He came with extra accessories I didn’t foresee so I was fairly content (like the Beserker’s sword. Would have been nice if he came with a few more faces though, all being angry or in the midst of battle. He needs a calm or cheerful face to go with Figma Saber Casual ver.

      UBW…well it’s a work in progress, been lacking motivation the past few weeks. I won’t go crazy with the dioramas but will get the basics right such as a proper backdrop and a number of random swords poking out of the ground.

      The next FSN Figma? Well I hope it’s Archer cause its been long over due especially with the UBW movie coming up. I also wouldn’t mind seeing a Caster, Lancer or Gilgamesh Figma, would do wonders for my collection.

  3. zh3us says:

    Really good idea! Mind if i draw some inspiration from over here?

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