Late November Arrivals

Rarely 2 boxes from 2 completely different sources arrive on the same day. Probably once in a lifetime for me. Anyway lets take a look inside the boxes. We have one box from Hobby Link Japan and another from a fellow otaku Vongola10 on Thanks for the transaction mate. I hope to do more business with you in the future. He was kind enough even to give me a 1 month Gold Subscription Card for Xbox Live. Talk about excellent service from a private seller!

Anyway here are the pictures., enjoy.


I can’t wait to recreate scenes from Fate/Stay Night for my photo shoot. It should prove to be very interesting. The Saber Casual Wear version shall replace my counterfeit one, which I regretfully bought when I first started collecting. I’ll do a detailed comparison of ‘fake’ and ‘real’ figure soon enough.


Nendoroid Shiki’s sarcastic eyes are epic as they look very funny on other nendoroids. As Naro has done, he stuck them on Saber Lily which made me laugh. I plan to stick them on nendoroid Shana, Rin and Yoko when I have the time.

I especially like the Runaway Rin nendoroid which was hard to find until now. I love her facial expressions as it is carefree and full of sarcasm.


I love the automobile that comes with Rin, it suits her for some odd reason. Not many nendoroids come with vehicles so I consider Rin to be special.


Well thats all the loot for this month, as we are nearing the end of this month, chances are I won’t get anymore loot til next month. Stay tuned next month for more arrivals!


2 Responses to Late November Arrivals

  1. zenical says:

    for figurines wise, ever consider going to local shops for preorder? Sucky yen rate now isn’t worth it.. I used to buy online but now anymore. I love to shop at online sites!!! Lol. T_T

    • Shazzsteel says:

      I find it cheaper to pre-order online. Like retail shops they like bumping the price for really popular items. Example for Saber Lily I got her for around $160 plus delivery where in retail shops she was being sold for $220 and above. It’d better to order stuff in bulks which I usually to take full advantage of the delivery costs. I mainly use SAL. It’s slowler but it hasn’t failed me so far. Most of my packages arrive without a scratch. Myabe I’m lucky.

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