Fake vs Real Figures Analysis

I recently acquired a Saber Casual Wear version (thanks to vongola10) which happened to replace my counterfeit version. I was curious to see what the differences between the genuine and counterfeit figures , so I decided to take a closer look.

This was what I found. Take note that the pics on the Right are pictures of the counterfeit Saber, where the ones on the left is the official Saber.

Genuine on the left, Bootleg on the right

It’s quite hard to notice the difference between both figures if you don’t look at the bases.


I found it strange that the fake figurine would have the name of the series printed on the base where as the genuine figurine didn’t. The one with the name does look a bit nicer as the name is printed there. The colour of the bases are slightly different as one is darker than the other.


What I noticed with the legs is that the surface of the skin was much shinier and glossy compared to the real thing. The shoes have some minor differences but it’s barely noticeable.


The quality and colour of Saber’s hair is significantly different as the genuine has  a brighter tone in terms of hair colour. The quality of the hair for the bootleg is horrible as paint is dirtier and darker.


Saber’s ahoge (or antenna if you prefer) and ribbon is shaped differently, once again the surface of the skin is fairly noticable.


Another significant observation would be Saber’s eyes as the detail and quality of work in the genuine figurine has a high quality design, where the counterfeit has hardly any detail.


Best for last as we can see the absolute truth and difference of bootlegs and genuine figures. The lesson learnt today? Well, genuine figures come with a clean pair of pantsu. I thought it was dirt originally or some dust, but it doesn’t come off. Do all bootlegs come with soiled pantsu? I’d rather not know. Does anyone else possess a counterfeit figure? Or have you even come across one before in a store?

Well that’s about it for tonight. Hopefully when the movie Summer Wars comes out, I’ll be able to do an in-depth review of the movie. Bye for now!


4 Responses to Fake vs Real Figures Analysis

  1. Crimotaku says:

    Shinny eyes and fake one has body fat on her neck! Lose some weight yo!

  2. Mopster says:

    I have a genuine figurine which has the series name on its base. I compared it to the rest of the images, but could only notice difference in the eyes. My figurine has green eyes with details, so that would confirm to me its genuine.

    • Shazzsteel says:

      Ah this topic was brought up to me also. There might be base variations with this figurine as I checked on myfigurecollection.net, this could be due to re-releases of the figure or they decided to make a improved or second version. Most likely yours is a genuine version.

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