Anime Festival Asia 2009 – Items Acquired!

Well here is all the loot I acquired from the Anime Festival Asia 2009. The list ranges from figmas, to regular figurines, name cards and assorted brochures. Since the figma Saber Lily was the last one in stock, it was missing the PSP game (which I already have). I got the figma cheaper so I was happy with that.


I’m very happy with the Shana wall scroll. My walls don’t look so plain now. Hopefully I’ll be able to get more in the near future.


As you can see, there is a huge pile of paper type goods. I’m sure most of you who went to the festival managed to pick up the same stuff as I did.

Had a fun photo session with a simple floor base and themed backdrop for a good hour or so. Very exciting. The detail and craftsmanship of both figures is astounding.



Nendoroid Saber Lily decides to interrupt and join in on the photo session.




I was happy with my loot that I bagged. Especially the 2 Saber figures. That will save me the trouble of searching Ebay and on delivery costs.


10 Responses to Anime Festival Asia 2009 – Items Acquired!

  1. zenical says:

    nice loot! So you were the one who picked up the Saber Lily Figma.. I saw it over at Robo Robo too! Haha.

    • Shazzsteel says:

      There was a few earlier on the day. I had my hands full photography and didn’t really want to lug around too much, thank god they had 1 left when I came back. I swear it was a miracle.

      • zenical says:

        thankfully my friend didn’t want to buy that.. he was tempted.. but no he resisted πŸ™‚

        too bad I didn’t see you, maybe AFA10 or EOY09!

  2. Shazzsteel says:

    Ah perhaps. I probably won’t be in Singapore at the time, but will be back occasionally. Do pop by my house if you swing by Australia πŸ™‚

  3. zenical says:

    ahh so you’re residing in Aus or what? I’m confused as to your “location” atm. Haha ^^”.

  4. Optic says:

    Is that 60 bucks for GSC Saber? Dam, I’m soooooo disappointed I missed it. 😦
    If u don’t mind me asking, how much was the figma saber lily?

    • Shazzsteel says:

      Yup, I excited when I saw it as I knew it was hard to get at this point of time. There was one Product 01 Figma Konata in Haruhi Cosplay there for $150, RARE ITEM DESU!

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