Anime Festival Asia 2009 – Completed Objectives!

Just a recap on my previous post, here is a list of completed and failed objectives at the AFA 2009.  The list is as follows:


Visit the Moe Moe Kyun Café [FAILED – Ran out of funds]

Attend the Regional Cosplay Championships and watch as they announce the Grand Champion [SUCCESSFUL- Congrats Singapore on winning!]

Take as many photos of Anime Festival Asia 2009 event, or at least until I use up my number of shots or my battery runs out. [SUCCESSFUL]

Attend BOTH days of the festival (Saturday, 21st November & Sunday, 22nd November) [SUCCESSFUL]

Attend the K-ON! Experience where the cast of the series will be doing their live dubbing performance as well as their question and answer session. [SUCCESSFUL – Fantastic live dubbing!]

To view and take photos of the Grand Prize Winner of the Bandai World Gundam Competition as well as the other entries submissions (they’re all winners in my eyes). [SUCCESSFUL]

To visit the Extravaganza 2009 Exhibition of “talented and aspiring individuals” as they showcase their beautiful works of art (as well as a few photos). [FAILED – Completely forgot about it]

With my purchased Weiβ Schwarz Trading Card Game deck, hopefully I can quickly learn and possibly take part if there is time. [FAILED – Decided to buy one outside, plus the starting deck I wanted was not there]

Visit the ‘The Tokyo Figure Show’ & ‘Kotobukiya OTACOOL Showcase‘ with my snapshots taken. [SUCCESSFUL – Absolutely fantastic]anime,

Join in the fun of the Danny Choo ‘Name Card’ hunt for an exclusive Name Card signed by Danny Choo himself as well as a chance to win some epic figurines! [FAILED – Completely forgot about it]

See Danny Choo upfront and personal! [SUCCESSFUL – His armour is more amazing in person!]


Anime Festival Asia 2009 T-Shirt (Limited Edition version if possible) [FAILED – Ran out of funds]

Anime T-Shirts of assorted characters and series (namely a Miracle Mirai, Mio Akiyama or Black Rock Shooter T-shirt) [FAILED – Ran out of funds]

Anime Posters of assorted anime series and characters [SUCCESSFUL – A huge Shakugan no Shana wall scroll]

Exclusive Anime Figurines [SUCCESSFUL – Bagged myself a GSC Saber and Figma Saber Lily]

A Weiβ Schwarz Trading Card Game deck [FAILED – Will buy online or from retail shops]

An Otacool Magazine autographed by Danny Choo [FAILED – Ran out of funds]


Danny Choo’s Autograph on my copy of “The Otaku Encyclopedia – An insider’s guide to the subculture of Cool Japan” by Patrick W. Galbraith (I can only dream). [SUCCESSFUL – Must now frame my book]

Bonus Objectives:

Exchange name cards with fellow otaku’s [SUCCESSFUL – Yummy name cards]

Attend Kaname Cosplay Panel Session [SUCCESSFUL – Very insightful]

Exchange name cards with Danny Choo [SUCCESSFUL – Must also now frame up]

Obtain a 501st Legion (Vadar’s Fist) name card [SUCCESSFUL – Unexpected to find them]

Get my photo taken with Danny Choo [SUCCESSFUL – Epic]


I felt that I had accomplished all my main objectives that I felt were important. Those objectives that I had missed, did not have a chance to do or completely forgot about. Well some of them are achievable after the AFA so all is not lost. Plus I did manage to complete other objectives that I did not plan or foresee happening.


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