Name Cards

Well the AFA is just one more sleep away, I’m sure there are people out there who are in the process of making or even completed their name cards to exchange with Danny Choo tomorrow. Personally the idea of making name cards for myself never even hit me till someone brought the topic up for me. I bet there are people thinking “You made 100 pieces of name cards just to exchange ONE with Danny Choo?” Well I decided that this would be a good method of getting to know others at the AFA 09 where I can easily swap name cards with fellow otaku’s as well as assisting my plans for starting business for when I return to Australia. Regardless the name cards will serve more than one purpose and I can confidently say the cards won’t go to waste.

The design of the card was fairly rushed with a few last minute changes to make it more practical. Still, I’m happy with how the card turned out. I’ll be bringing a few to the AFA in case anyone wishes to exchange cards as I would be most happily to do so.

My own personalized name card, I feel like a businessman :X

Poor Shana, perhaps if she grew a little taller...

Who else out there has a name or business card? Will you be bringing yours to the AFA?

Credit goes to Crimson03 for the comic captions. I really need to install photoshop CS4. >.<


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