AFA 2009 Ticket Collection Day!

Well today was the AFA 2009 ticket collection day as many of you know. People could collect their ticket at the Suntec City Venue at the ticketing counter from 12 noon to 6pm. You were given 1x 2 day ticket, 1x brochure and finally 1x lucky entry registration form for a chance to win a few prizes. For those entering in the lucky draw I wish you best of luck and don’t forget to fill in your form and drop your registration form at the drop off point near the festival entrance.  For those that enter you stand a chance to win:

1st Prize: 1x Nendoroid Gift Pack: 1x Vocaloid Kagamine Rin Figma, 1x Vocaloid Kagamine Len Figma, 1x Lucky Star – Hiiragi Kagami Miku Miku Nendoroid.

2nd Prize: Same as 1st Prize.

3rd Prize: 1x Gurren Lagann – Yomako Sensei

4th Prize: KON! x Gurren Lagann Funpack: Revoltech Fraulien Yoko Littner, 1x K-ON! Blue Mug Cup

5th Prize: Same as 4th Prize.

The draw will be conducted on the final day. Winners will be notified by email and on the AFA 09 website. Once again best of luck to everyone!

On another note, it seems Suntec City has already set up their seasonal decorations. I’m sure the other malls have. I bet this happened a while ago and failed to notice as I’m a bit on the slow side. >.<

Entrance to Suntec City, preparations for Christmas seem to be ready

...and with assistance from Yoko

Left: Name Card, Top: Lucky Draw Registration Form, Bottom: AFA 2009 2 Day Ticket, Right: AFA 2009 Brochure

Front of the brochure

Back of the brochure

Event Floor Map plus brief explanations of a few booths

A close up of the Event Floor Map

For those who are going, what time will you be there? Who are you going with? How long will be you be staying for? And finally what are the booths you CANNOT miss?

That’s all from me for today and the next few days. Chances are I’ll be dead tired on Saturday and Sunday due to the AFA 2009 and therefore being too lazy or exhausted to post anything. I’ll most likely do a post about the AFA on Monday or Tuesday night. Until then…toodles!


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