Shadows of the Night – Figurines

Being the nocturnal animal I natural am (and I’m sure there are others out there like me), I decided to have fun with a bit of photography and experiment on lighting and shadows. Since I am still new to photography, I experimented with several shots as I struggle with the stupid focus option as it was a fairly old camera. After a couple of terrible shots I realized that some figurines (including figmas and nendoroids) were quite easy to identify if properly posed.

Show me your extensive figurine knowledge as you try to identify the character. Bonus points if you can guess the exact company that made it (I’ll try to increase the difficulty as you go further down the page). Example of an answer: Subaru Nakajima, Alter

Figurine Number 1:

Figurine Number 2:

Figurine Number 3:

Figurine Number 4:

Figurine Number 5:

Figurine Number 6:

Figurine Number 7:

For those of you who are confident in getting all of them right deserve a pat on the back. Those who are bedazzled well, better luck next time.  Hopefully I’ll have time soon enough to post the answers. *Yawn* it’s past 3am already?!


2 Responses to Shadows of the Night – Figurines

  1. Lightoss says:

    1.Figma Drosel, Max Factory
    2.Nendo Yoko,Good Smile Company
    3.Figma Saber,Max Factory
    4.Figma Tsuruya, Max Factory
    5.Figma Shana, Max Factory
    6.Nendo Saber Lily, Good Smile Company
    7.Nendo Shana, Good Smile Company

    I.. think i have all corrent ^^;

    • Shazzsteel says:

      Wow amazing, I’ cant believe you got the last two correct where I thought the last two would have been the hardest.

      You were all on the spot for number 4 and made a small error with number 5. If you or anyone else wishes to try again, feel free to do so.

      Well done Lightoss, well done!

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