Anime Festival Asia 2009 Countdown! – Goals and Packlist

Well it’s finally 4 days away. Yet I still need to go pick up my tickets for the upcoming Anime Festival Asia 2009 Event. Other than tickets, I still need to create my name card to exchange with Danny Choo.  Over the past few days, I’ve worked on a little plan for when the actual day arrives. A little planning should ease the chaotic nature of the crowds as I’ll have a brief idea of where I want to be heading rather than wondering around aimlessly for two days. If those who of you who are wondering whether I’ll be going to the ‘I Love Anisong’ concert, well I’ve decided that I’ll give it a miss as my monthly funds are getting low as well as many fantastic figurines will be released in these upcoming months of November and December, plus I’m sure there will be lots of goodies to buy at the anime festival.  I’ve created a basic list of things to-do, to-buy and to-get when I’m there, hopefully I will be prepared for the monstrous crowds as I try to utilize my time as efficiently as possible.


Visit the Moe Moe Kyun Café

Attend the Regional Cosplay Championships and watch as they announce the Grand Champion

Take as many photos of Anime Festival Asia 2009 event, or at least until I use up my number of shots or my battery runs out.

Attend BOTH days of the festival (Saturday, 21st November & Sunday, 22nd November)

Attend the K-ON! Experience where the cast of the series will be doing their live dubbing performance as well as their question and answer session.

To view and take photos of the Grand Prize Winner of the Bandai World Gundam Competition as well as the other entries submissions (they’re all winners in my eyes).

To visit the Extravaganza 2009 Exhibition of “talented and aspiring individuals” as they showcase their beautiful works of art (as well as a few photos).

With my purchased Weiβ Schwarz Trading Card Game deck, hopefully I can quickly learn and possibly take part if there is time.

Visit the ‘The Tokyo Figure Show’ & ‘Kotobukiya OTACOOL Showcase‘ with my snapshots taken.

Join in the fun of the Danny Choo ‘Name Card’ hunt for an exclusive Name Card signed by Danny Choo himself as well as a chance to win some epic figurines!

See Danny Choo upfront and personal!


Anime Festival Asia 2009 T-Shirt (Limited Edition version if possible)

Anime T-Shirts of assorted characters and series (namely a Miracle Mirai, Mio Akiyama or Black Rock Shooter T-shirt)

Anime Posters of assorted anime series and characters

Exclusive Anime Figurines

A Weiβ Schwarz Trading Card Game deck

An Otacool Magazine autographed by Danny Choo


Danny Choo’s Autograph on my copy of “The Otaku Encyclopedia – An insider’s guide to the subculture of Cool Japan” by Patrick W. Galbraith (I can only dream).

Finally, the most important thing to do is to have fun and enjoy myself!

Although it may seem impossible to get all these things done within two days, I will strive to get as many completed before the second day ends. Looks like a I have some preparing to do. See you at the Anime Festival Asia 2009!


Things I will need for the two days are:

Water (Spending a whole day there without it won’t get me very far)

Pens, markers for autographs by various people (who knows when you’ll need it or who you’ll come across).

A reasonably sized backpack (to store my purchased items and merchandise for safekeeping and transportation).

Money/Debit Card (Common sense will tell you why I need it).

Digital Camera plus a backup older camera (I desperately need to upgrade to a DSLR)

Snacks and bite sized food (something quick to eat incase I get the munchies, then its back to walking around).

Phone (Self explanatory)

The Otaku Encyclopedia – An insider’s guide to the subculture of Cool Japan” (For Danny Choo to autograph!)

My Shakugan no Shana T-Shirt which I will be wearing on the day (To show off my Shana-ism!)

That’s pretty much everything, nonetheless I still feel I forgot something important. I still have a few more days to think it through. I’m sure I’ll remember eventually. For those who are going, what will you be bringing to the Anime Festival Asia 2009? Anyone wanting to recommend me to bring something I’m missing perhaps?


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