Winter Anime Preview 09/10

I personally haven’t seen or heard of these anime before. Whether they are manga adaptions or stand alone I won’t know. For next season, there seems to be a nice mix of comedy animes as well as action. I can’t really say I’m looking forward to seeing any of these series, however I am very curious in what these shows are about and whether they would be enjoyable to watch. For me, shows require a ‘hook’ where I’m drawn in and completely attached to the show, whether it be a completly adorable person to a trouble-maker that strives on utter attention. There almost be something unique about them as many of these traits and personailities have been seen and reused before many times by other shows.

The only show that grabs my attention is Ikami Kakuushi (Hidden God) as the creator (Ryukishi07) had created other outstanding works such as the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and Umineko no Naku Koro ni series. Only one can immagine what he has installed for us in his next creation. One can only assume that this series too will be set in the same universe as his previous creations, however I could be mistaken. As this clearly series clearly involves mystical beings, Gods or possibly Witches, we can also assume that characters from his previous shows may be involved or just making a quick cameo in tribute to their designated series. One can only hope that this new series will achieve the same rating as its predecessor.

As for the rest of the shows, I’ll leave you with a few short trailers and promotional videos regarding them.


Thoughts/Observations: Seems well animated enough. The question on everyone’s mind is who that mysterious headless rider is. I noticed a Horo cutout somewhere in there.

Dance In The Vampire Bund

Thoughts/Observations: Loli’s and vampires, sounds good to me. The aren’t really afraid of revealing either especially since the lead character seems to be underage (or is she?). We can expect gore, gore and more gore which would entice a good number of viewers. Combine this with our vampire loli and it should be more than enough to become a hit. The only question now is, is it any good? We’ll have to wait and see.

So Ra No Wo To

Thoughts/Observations: From what I can see in this short trailer is this series seems to be some a journey and travel.  There are one of two warm hearted moments of comedy within so I guess it it safe to say there won’t be much action. The art seems to be strikingly familiar to popular K-on! series though, not too sure if its the same studio that did them, if it is it would make me something to look forward to. The music (especially the first few seconds) instantly reminded me of the tribal music from the movie Akira. I just love that composed piece of music. If there is similar works in this series, my chances of completing the series is much higher.


Thoughts/Observations: In those 15 seconds alone we can discover much about what Katanagatari can offer us. We see scenes of battle and destruction. The settings seems to be set in an early era fictional or real I’m still not sure. One character seen had a special purple eye of some sort, which most likely grants a special ability, the specifics are still unknown. The unique facial art of the characters seen intruged me as its simple and ‘cartoonish’ rather than your standard art. The series itself seems to be a chronicle so we might be able to see multiple seasons or one long season.

Seikon no Qwaser

Thoughts/ Observations: Oppai, one of the few words to describe what to expect when the show is aired.  Other than that, there seemed to be a lot of action as there is a conflict about. Whether it is between the people seen or another unknown force or mystical being we will have to wait and see. The odd combination of action and oppai should draw in many viewers. Doesn’t seem like my type of show but the fighting scenes could make up for that.

Omamori Himari

Thoughts/Observations: Seems like a typical slice of life, school scenario where the protagonist is living with his friend due to his parent’s death or other family problems. The catch is that he seems to be a descendant of some important or powerful person which has cause him to be a target. Nonetheless he seems to have guardian in the form of a school wielding a katana.  It is unknown to us and even the main character of who she really is. I’ll most likely be watching this when it airs.

Ladies versus Butlers

Thoughts/Observations: The music heard in the trailer was absolutely divine. From what we can see the show is set in a school and as the title suggest there is some degree of competition between two clubs (since it is a school) where one ‘faction’ are the Ladies/Maids and the other being Butlers. I accidentally mistook the blond lady with the big hair as for two giant walking croissants which I found quite assuming. We can see elements of comedy and possibly romance .  Seems like a cross-breed of Ouran High School Host Club and Hayate The Combat Butler which should be an assuming and interesting mix. I shall also be watching this as the trailer has aroused my curiousity.


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